5 GREEN ideas in Rettifica Corghi


We increase environmental sustainability together with safety and comfort in the company! The transition affects everyone and requires a global green vision of the way we live and work. The most important action involved the 4.0 extraction and air conditioning system installed in all departments. A further four solutions have been adopted to make a difference and to mark a real change of direction.

1. 4.0 extraction and air conditioning system

Completed in all departments, the innovative summer and winter air conditioning system allows us to control the temperature, humidity and air quality and keep them constant, with increased health and comfort benefits and better control over mechanical machining.

2. UV filter films on the windows in production departments

By reducing glare and internal temperatures, these films have greatly improved comfort and helped to reduce energy consumption.

3. Installation of LED lighting

The entire lighting system is now based on LEDs, bringing great energy savings.

4. Vegetable oils for machinery or treatments

The vegetable oils now used are more environmentally friendly and are better for operators’ health.

5. Water dispenser and water flasks

In addition to making a microfiltered mains water dispenser available to all operators, thermal flasks were also distributed, leading to a drastic reduction in the use of plastic bottles.

These are the first five ideas of our green vision, and we will keep you updated about the others that will certainly follow.