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Make grinding outstanding

We want to make grinding outstanding, to ensure that it is recognised as an essential technical and quality enhancement in mechanical components.

We want to be a leader in our sector, to be proud of our journey through building values and delivering quality workmanship, services and reliability.

We aim to gain the trust of our customers and suppliers by anticipating their needs to become the innovative go-to partner for precision grinding and component supply in Italy and abroad. We want to listen to and value our people in an inclusive environment, while supporting their growth and development in merit-based careers.


We supply mechanical components and precision grinding, ensuring our customers receive quality products and innovative services across the broadest possible range, including through supply chains

We find solutions to solve the most varied technical and logistic challenges, for small or large quantities. To this end, we continuously improve processes and operating methods, and prevent waste and errors by making procedures seamless and simple within and outside the organisation, including through the digital transition.
We are aiming for a work environment in which a sense of belonging prevails. We are committed to full compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and prioritise workers’ health and environmental impact reduction. The quality of relationships, both internal and with customers and suppliers, is critical to the satisfaction of all parties involved.