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Metrology laboratory

Our air-conditioned metrology laboratory is equipped with roundness gauges, roughness meters, profilometer, optical measuring instruments for external measurements, profile projector, stereo microscopes and altimeters, as well as various dimensional, pneumatic and electronic measuring systems.

With more than one thousand instruments managed under calibration, the variety and quantity of measuring instruments in the company means we can independently check any internal dimensions, external dimensions and heights on all ground parts.

RFC Rettifica Corghi
Metrology Laboratory:
Measuring ground parts
with a roundness gauge
We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2003. Every year we draw up an “Improvement Plan” that encompasses all actions identified after risk analyses, non-conformities, complaints, context analysis and implementation of business strategies. Year by year we monitor the results achieved and the challenges that surfaced, and assess the need to increase skills through training.