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Work processes

Our grinding processes involve machining individual precision mechanical components and assemblies. We grind outside diameters (Ø min. 2 mm, Ø max 250 mm) and threads, inside diameters (Ø min. 2, Ø max 300), and perform centred grinding of external shapes (e.g. polygons, eccentric components, cams, etc.). We perform centreless grinding from 2 to 40mm, multi-diameter machining and profiles to high quality standards (dimensional tolerance of 0.002 mm). Inside diameter lapping Finishing treatments such as brushing, polishing and tumbling of ground parts, deburring with Gratomat, ultrasonic cleaning, grinding of shaft centres. The main materials processed are steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic and bronze.

Finished product suppliers for the hydraulics sector

Finished product suppliers for the hydraulics sector
We represent a unique reference point for the hydraulics sector: we buy turned parts from qualified suppliers, grind them with micron tolerances, perform finishing treatments, assemble units and deliver orders. The supply chain is digitally traceable, and the customer is relieved of management and administrative tasks. We ensure high quality standards thanks to cutting-edge 4.0 technologies and anthropomorphic robots, already in use together with our fleet of machines. Advanced measurement systems carry out checks to micron tolerances.

Inside diameter grinding

Ø min. 2, Ø max 300

Inside diameter grinding from 2 to 300 mm. We carry out simultaneous multiple machining of interior surfaces, radii, bevels, fillets and outside diameters. Highest quality levels, micron tolerances, machining of valve seats for the hydraulics sector, with sharp edges and radii to ensure parts seal perfectly.

Outside diameter grinding

Ø da 2 a max 250

Centred grinding of outside diameters from 2 to 250 mm with micron tolerances, and grinding of radiused and profiled shapes, high-speed grinding of external shapes (polygons, eccentric components, cams, etc.), grinding of threads. With a fleet of flexible, high-quality machines, we can grind small and large runs to high quality standards for a wide range of product sectors on the market.

Centreless diameter grinding

2 to 40 mm, 0.002 mm dimensional tolerance

We carry out grinding on centreless CNC machines, from 2 to 40 mm, multi-diameter and profile machining (e.g. diameter and taper simultaneously) to high quality standards (0.002 mm… dimensional tolerance), especially for the hydraulics sector.

Finishing treatments

How to improve roughness and remove micro burrs from machining

Brushing, polishing and tumbling of ground parts to improve roughness and eliminate micro burrs form machining. Ultrasonic cleaning is performed if required. The parts are then protected and packaged to the customer’s specifications, ready for assembly or storage.

Grinding special non-ferrous materials

We grind special non-ferrous materials, such as ceramic and bronze.


In addition to grinding, we offer the following services:

Product development

Co-design of mechanical and grinding solutions, on specific request

Measurement of materials and products, complete with quality documentation

Complete supplies of precision mechanical components